The shaped art works shown are portions of a 66' X 12' mural completed in late 1999 at The Texas Diabetes hospital (university Health Systems) in San Antonio, Texas. These polychromed, shaped, canvas wall works are a marriage between sculpture and painting, and realism and abstraction.

The title of this gestalt mural is "Fragments of our lives"; many of these segments are 8' in length. Like the society in which we live, they are neither flat nor the static square but asymmetrical shapes which form interrelated, undulating, gestalt wall works which reflect our interconnected life styles.

This 66' mural includes a 10' welded steel sculpture, which is the focal point of the wall work. These phantasmagoric images are site specific to this hospital and community.

All commissioned pieces will be original and a one of a kind concept designed specifically for the site, with area history, place, and personalities as inspiration for a unique un-repeatable creation.

Dr. Jacqui von Honts has been developing this concept of sculptures camases for over 15 years. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on "Esculto Pintura" when she received her studio art PhD from New York University in 1987. She holds a One Year Professional Degree from Parson School of Design in New York City, and a Masters Of Fine Arts from The University of The Americas in Mexico. While living and working in Mexico City she gained an immense knowledge and love of the great Mexican Murals. Two examples of single piece welded monumental sculptures are also included. Shown "Acrobats" 6' and "Bull", 5'. Dr. von Honts has also completed many conventional murals. (Photos available on request)

Jacqui von Honts, PhD

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